Friday, May 04, 2007


I've posted a few photos today, to show you what we've been
doing to our back garden, and also to show you a couple of
flower photos to brighten up your/my day. Mrs C is about to
go and buy some bedding plants from Victoria Centre Market,
to brighten up the garden, which looks somewhat devoid of
colour at present, apart from pots of flowering petunias
she's put by our patio door (which is not in this view).

You'll see where our pond was. Yesterday, I spotted someone
filling up a skip with turf and topsoil just round the corner
from us, so I used the car this time to bring bucketfuls of
soil round to fill up the rest of the pond. We're planning to
put a small red acer on this spot and to put some beddng
plants/ground cover there too.

The yellow rose is the main splash of colour in our garden
at present -- it looks glorious when the sun's out (which it
wasn't this morning when I took the garden photo). I read in
a photography book about taking close-up flower photos
against a blue background in the soft light from a
North-facing window, which is what I did here. The
chrysanths were taken in a similar position on our
window-ledge -- Mrs C wanted some flowers to brighten up
our hallway downstairs, so I bought a bunch of them a couple
of days ago.

I've just been singing "It's the yellow rose of Nottingham"
to the tune of "It's the yellow rose of Texas" -- just
doesn't scan properly.

Today is the day after our local elections -- must turn on
the radio and find out how Labour faired in Nottm.... which
reminds me of something funny told to me by one of my
friends as regards filling in your voting paper -- she said:
"Why don't they say at the bottom of the form: "Please tick
this box if none of the above"?"


Blogger Ariel said...

Aw... a garden! How I'd love one!!! As for the local elections, they weren't happening over here. Isn;t there an Irish song called the Rose of Tralee? Try that for size and see if it scans...

1:20 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Ariel: Yes, we're very fortunate in getting one the right size for us. Mrs C and I have moved 9 times in our married life -- our largest garden was a 2-3 acre one with a large house, which we shared with another family -- even so, it was far too much work for us, to keep it in order. Mrs C does most of the gardening - I help a bit from time to time. Some grass would be nice, but then we'd have to mow it frequently.

10:49 PM  
Blogger justin said...

.... I can't recall how the song, "The Rose of Tralee" goes -- I'll have to get my Irish song book out and have a look. The name's very familiar.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous edt said...

A nice courtyard garden there justin...Yes I agree, a 1/4 acre here with a lawn that takes an hour & 30 mins to mow very 10 days in spring is a bit of a chore, but less so than lots of garden beds. Having said that me mam's rose beds with bark ground cover around the bushes and lots of pots are not too hard work...Keep the flower pics coming, I see your experimenting with different backgrounds,looks interesting.

8:46 AM  
Blogger angel said...

oh i LOVE what you've done to your garden!
i would so like to do something like that one day when i buy myself a place one day- because i have a small walled in garden townhouse in mind.
did you do it all yourself? its gorgeous!

10:49 AM  

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