Thursday, April 19, 2007

new banner

Yes, it's time for a new banner. I spent a few hours
last night and first thing this morning, tinkering
with Photoshop and then on my dummy Blogger site, where
I uploaded several versions of this photo.
My most successful version was starting with a 2MB photo,
which Blogger shrank down to about 11kb, but then I
clicked on this uploaded photo to see the larger Blogger
version, to obtain its HTML code. Bingo!

The view is a cityscape of Nottingham, which I took
yesterday evening from the top of St Ann's Hill/Mapperley
Park. I felt inspired to get this view, when I saw
Petite's view of Paris, on her blog.

Nottingham ... Nottingham ... Paris ...
... where would you rather be in Springtime?


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