Monday, April 16, 2007

family get-together

Yesterday, Mrs C and I went to Leicestershire (south of
Nottingham) to see a couple of elderly relatives for
coffee and lunch with them, plus a walk along the
canal-side at Barrow-on-Soar, and early afternoon we
sped back to Nottm, to join our 4 daughters, 1 neice
and 3 kids for a big birthday celebration (our second
daughter's 31st birthday).

Oh my God -- 31 years -- I'm starting to feel old (well,
not all that old -- I don't think of myself as an old
git yet).

Mrs C and I set to making the birthday tea with the help
of one of the girls ...
A starter of melon, black grapes, tomatoes, (with a honey
vinaigrette and roasted sesame seeds on top). It was
supposed to have fresh mint leaves on top as well, but
there weren't any available
New potato salad with avocado and cress (with a lemon and
olive oil dresing).
Broad bean salad with a yoghurt dressing (with chopped
Bulgar wheat salad with chopped spring onions and
parsley, plus a light vinaigrette.
Freshly made scones with Mascarpone and strawberry jam.
Chilled white wine and Tropicana orange juice.
Mrs C had made some lovely refridgerator chocolate "cake"
(with dark chocolate, digestive biscuits, apricots, prunes,
stem ginger and brandy in it) -- but we were too full to
eat it.
(Are you starting to feel hungry? ... well, I am).
I took a load of photos (as I can't miss an opportunity to do
so)-- I've posted some of them above.
It was a great day, but we felt exhausted after everyone had
gone. We're were both nodding off in the first part of
"Foyle's War" on the TV, so we set the video machine going
and went off to bed (at 9.30pm).


Blogger angel said...

my mouth is watering- that sounds incredible!
congratulations on your daughter's birthday!

5:21 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Angel. Next time I must take some photos as you did for Damien's birthday. Pictures are sometimes better than words.

1:10 PM  

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