Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The trial of Tracy Barlow

The nations' Corrie fans will be dashing home this evening to
see the start of Tracy Barlow's murder trial... she'll be in the
dock, facing the charge that she murdered her partner, Charlie.
And we all know the truth, don't we ... she is a lying bitch,
and Charlie deserved what happened to him. He was a
controlling bastard, and was having affairs behind her back.
However, you might say, why didn't she do the sensible thing
and just leave him?

I watch about one in ten episodes of Coro, but Mrs C watches
them all ... I usually sit in on more exciting episodes, like last
Monday night when Tracy spilled the beans to her mum,
Didderie (who'll be in the witness stand this Friday as a
character witness for her).

Poor old Didderie ... she's had to endure a whole series of
set-backs in her personal life, especially having to witness
her daughter Tracey change her bodily appearance four times.
And her choice of men ... would you chose Ken to live with?
I think it's about time she gave up her fags and went on a
course of Prozac -- she seems permanently depressed to me.

And what about the outcome of the trial?
We know know that the actress, the gorgeous Kate Ford, is
leaving the series this month after a 4 year stint of playing
Tracy. So how will they "finish her off"?

What do you think the outcome of the trial will be?
If she is found by the jury to be guilty as hell, will she be ...
1. sent to be hanged (by special permission from Downing
2. sent off to live on a convict ship for life?
3. sent off to Strangeways Prison in Manchester for "life",
but in fact will reappear on our screens in 10 years' time,
having metamorphosed again like Doctor Who?
If she's found guilty of manslaughter, we'll see her back sooner
on the set of Coro, of course.

But will she be let off, as Mrs C thinks might happen? Will the
jury believe her sob story that she killed Charlie in self-defence,
and be let off with a mild caution not to kill someone again.
And then, will she say to her family, "Sod you lot, I'm off to
Australia ... I've been offered a part in Neighbours." ... so we
as the audience don't have to put up with all the prison
visits, and Didderie's misery?

Another possible twist in the plot -- will someone in the public
gallery get up during the trial and shoot Tracy dead?

What do you think?


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