Monday, March 19, 2007

Life without watching TV?

Can you imagine what life would be like without watching
live TV sport, endless episodes of “Ready, Steady, Cook”,
“Kitchen Nightmares”, “Big Brother”, all those soaps, and
the occasional good drama on the tele like “Life on Mars”?

What would life be like without it? Would life be worth living,
I wonder? And what would you do instead – have a
meaningful chat with your partner (heaven forbid!) – listen
to the radio even – or perhaps read a book?

Mrs C asked me yesterday, “How about we give up watching
the TV, and watch the occasional rented DVD and listen to
the radio instead?” This is what we’re debating at the
moment in our house. Two of our girls were in on the
debate. S who lives in Leeds in a tiny one-bed flat, has
already given up watching TV. She watches a DVD now and
then on her laptop, and listens to her radio. L says she’d like

a TV in her house in London (her last one broke down) – she
likes listening to the radio, but she misses the visual appeal
of the TV screen. Just by co-incidence she’d just watched an
episode of “Friends” where one of the characters facing a
similar situation without a TV said, “Well where would you
point all your chairs towards, then?” Nearly all our comfy
chairs point towards the TV set, so that everyone can get
a good view.

We’d save some money too – no need to pay for a TV licence

and the monthly bills from Virgin for our Freeview box.

Mrs C catches up on missed episodes of “Coro”, “Desperate

Housewives” and “Midsomer Murders” in the evenings, while
I’m on this computer upstairs. And when I do come
downstairs at about 9pm to be sociable, I often fall asleep
in front of the TV as there’s little on the box at the moment
that I find interesting.

I’ve read in the newspaper IT columns that the commercial

TV station bosses are getting very worried about the
decreasing numbers of people watching TV, (and their
adverts in particular)…. and that they’re worried about the
increasing use of the internet/DVDs to watch movies.
Perhaps we’ll be joining the trend?

This morning I asked Mrs C if she'd like me to record both

episodes of "Coro" for her, while she's out tonight. :)


Blogger andrea said...

I was pondering the same thing last night as I stuck another DVD in from the library. Free movies from the library (Last night was the oldie 'My Dinner With Andre'), no TV licence to buy here -- it could all be free. We'd even still have the channel where I get the news. I must admit that I'd miss my weekly injection of 'House', though, and when I've occasionally run out of gas in the evening, I like having the endless reruns of 'Law & Order' and 'Without A Trace' to watch, but I suspect I'd get over it...

3:20 PM  

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