Tuesday, March 13, 2007

changes to Flickr accounts

I've just been on my Flickr site, and have pruned down the number
of my photos on it (leaving on what I think are my better ones).

I've just noticed that Flickr has imposed a deadline of 15 March for
everyone still using their old method of signing in. Basically you
have to sign up for an Yahoo ID, with or without a Yahoo email
address (access this once you're on the Flickr site by going through
"Your Account". Then you have to activate the Yahoo ID via the
email address you gave, and then you have to go back onto Flickr
to merge both email addresses (the new Yahoo one and the other
one). What a rigmarole.

If you don't do this by 15 March, your Flickr account will be frozen,
and you'll have to start another one if you wish to continue.


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