Monday, February 05, 2007

New Blogger - take it or leave it folks

I was obliged to sign up for the new version of Blogger today,as
some of you will have found also. On the plus side, I've noticed
some improvements already - in the speed of switching from one
part of this site to another -- especially the Edit function.

I've yet to load up any photos - I'll be interested to see how that
goes in due course.

To continue one of the themes of my last post, the pure whiteness
of the background in some WordPress sites does my eyes in. Is it
just my eyesight/the brightness of my screen, or are you affected


Anonymous edt said...

I agree, the Honeydew background is nicer to read text over, though objectively white wasn't a problem for me in the past.
In passing I've always rather liked the wordpress layout & colour theme petite uses over at petiteanglase

Your previously posted photos sit well on Honeydew as its not too saturated a colour, the thin black borders are a nice touch.

Unfortunately I've no choice as to where my 17" CRT monitor sits, its currently on the dining room table with windows behind.

Being summer here in NZ I get a bit of eye strain from the late afternoon sun bouncing off the house across the road and over the top of me monitor.
It seems a shame to draw the curtains on a nice day to fix the problem, but occasionally one must.

Out of interest, where is your monitor sitting Justin, whats behind it? Might it be it's location thats doing your eyes in?

Finally as a very rough and ready monitor line up tool I use this gray scale chart in F11 full screen mode.

Adjust brightness so you can JUST see the difference between the darkest first and second black segments, and then contrast which is a bit more subjective.
I set a balance between the chart and the same well exposed photograph used each time, taken on a bright sunny day with a good contrast range, and then have a gander at BBC News on the net as an online webpage reference.

Keep up the interesting blog reads and photos. Regards from a wet summers day in NZ.

1:11 AM  
Blogger Reluctant Nomad said...

The first 'glitch' I noticed about the new blogger has to do with loading pics. With the previous blogger, if you clicked on a pic, it would enlarge but would be scaled down to fit the browser window. Not with the new one. There is a simple way around this by editing the name of the pic assigned by blogger. When you get there and notice the same problem, let me know and I'll tell you how to fix it.

9:30 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Edt and RN, for dropping in.
Edt: the lighting in my study is excellent for using this computer -- I've got the screen against a fairly plain and partially shaded study/bedroom wall. I must tone down the brightness of my monitor I think. I like Petite's colour scheme too -- similar pastel colours as in Zoe's.
Alan: I'll have close look at my next photo, and will get in touch with you if I have similar problems (which is likely).

1:09 AM  

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