Sunday, February 04, 2007

I've got a bad cold

Yes, for the second time this winter, I've gone down with the
usual chesty cough, bad headcold, aches and pains, and poor
stamina -- only walking slowly up hills, as if I were an old
man. Well some of you might say that I am an old man -- I am
59, but I usually feel as if I'm still 21 in terms of general
fitness. So I'm keeping my distance from folk at the moment,
including Baby India.

I was surprised to see on the main news today, that Bernard
Matthews's massive turkey flock has been hit by the Asian Bird
Flu. A bad day for the poultry industry in this country, and a
very worrying time for the farm workers, who might get struck
down with this killer disease.

Perhaps more people will stop eating meat after this outbreak?
Not that the experts think that infected meat will get into
our shops ... but with all illnesses there is usually an
incubation period, during which germs multiply inside animals,
before they show outward signs of disease. What is the
incubation period for the Asian Bird Flu, I wonder? How did
BM's turkeys come into contact with the wild birds outside?
And how on earth can the UK Government contain an outbreak of
this flu in the wild bird population?

I was interested to read in Mike's blog (Troubled Diva) about
how people are finding "New Blogger". Mike is enthusiastic
about it,especially its new labels, but he's had a lot of
negative comments from his readers, especially with loading up
photos onto it.

I'm still having problems with getting photos onto Old Bodger.
So I tend to have a go either first thing in the morning or
late at night, when I reckon there are fewer people using
Blogger, and I now put my photos on first, before writing any
text, which usually works for me. So what do you think about
New Blogger?

I've been reading the IT section in last Thursday's Guardian,
which I find is very informative ... not that I understand
much of the technical stuff. There was one review of a new
Sony machine on which you can read whole books -- Sony have
developed a system which emulates the printed page in a book,
in terms of the colour of the print and the background colour.
I'm interested in anything which makes things more readable/
comfortable for my eyes (and hopefully for yours). I've
already copied a font colour for this print from Gordon
McLean's WordPress site (hope you don't mind, Gordon), and
now I've tinted this webpage a slight yellow colour -- it's
called Honeydew from the Wikipedia web colours site, and the
code is #F0FFF0, if you fancy trying it.


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