Friday, February 09, 2007

It's been snowing here

I thought I'd have a go at uploading this photo of Little Ava,
which I took a couple of days ago when it was bright and sunny.
(A cheerful little kid isn't she?)

Well everyone in the UK knows the weather has been dire in the
last couple of days -- bad snowfalls in parts of the country,
though here in Nottingham, we've got off lightly. 50 miles to the
west of us in Birmingham, there's been heavy snow and very poor
road conditions.

Mrs C went out this evening with a couple of friends for a meet-up
at another friend's house in Radcliffe-on-Trent, which is about
10 miles south-east of Nottingham. They went the cross-country
route unfortunately ... it took them 2 hours to drive there as the
traffic was so slow. Their evening went very well otherwise.

L. and I watched some TV instead (after eating veggie bangers
and mash with lots of green veg and gravy). I don't usually
watch American Pop Idol, but I did, and it was fairly entertaining
watching the singers and the reactions from the judges, Simon
Cowell in particular. I thought he was very fair & I agreed with
everything he said -- he seems to have mellowed somewhat, and
he was in a very good mood. Later on we watched Man Stroke
Woman, which I like for its sharp humour.

Coming back to the veggie sausages, my favourite brand is the
Cauldron Lincolnshire one (stocked by our local supermarkets and
the smaller health food shops).... they taste almost as good as
meat-filled ones.

My photo-editing talk went fairly well earlier this week, though I ran
into problems explaining how to print out photos onto Word
documents and using Publisher too ... got a bit out of my depth.
Part of the problem for me was being used to using older versions
of these programs and not the 2003 versions, and so having to
learn & present some new stuff. I'll cut all this out of my next
series of talks to simplify matters.


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