Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A funny happening in bed the other night

We've just had the pleasure of a couple of our daughters staying
with us for the past few days, in addition to L. and Baby India.

The only downside to their visit is my missing out on being in my
den/computer room/spare bedroom late at night or first thing in
the morning. These are the times when I prefer to do some
blogging - so sorry, Dear Reader, for my sporadic blogging of late.

Anyway, to tell you a funny story, I spent the past few nights
lying next to Mrs C (instead of in the spare bedroom), with my
anti-snoring devices in situ (obtained from the British Snoring
Association, by the way) -- metal prongs up my nose, to widen
my nostrils, and a soft piece of plastic across the inside of my
mouth -- the idea being that I should be breathing through my
nose rather than my mouth, with no snoring. I have visions of
me looking like Dr Hannibal Lecter, wearing these devices, though
Mrs C assures me that I don't.

If we were to get any night-time intruders, I'm sure that if I
rushed out of the bedroom towards them, sniffing and grimacing
like a rat, they'd run off screaming. However, I'm digressing ...

One of the problems of the mouthguard is that it tends to fall out
during the night, so Mrs C has to put up with a lot of snoring -- she
has difficulty waking me up if I'm in a deep sleep. This happened a
couple of nights ago. After some repeated and vigorous poking in
the ribs from
Mrs C, I eventually woke up at 4 in the morning ...
whereupon I
started to feel around in the dark for the missing

After my searching around for a few minutes and then sitting up
in bed, Mrs C switched on her bedside light to help me see where
it was ... I searched everywhere, including down the sides of the
bed and underneath it. At this point I went to the loo, partly to see
if it would fall out from somewhere within my pyjamas -- nothing.
I said to Mrs C, "Perhaps I've swallowed it?!"

Mrs C got up next and started to search through my side of the bed.
Still nothing.

And then she looked round at me and spotted it ...
stuck on the top of my bald head (like a limpet)!
We both had a good laugh about that. A bit like someone searching
for his specs, only to realise later that they're perched on top of his
I think I'll have to get a muzzle to stop the damned thing falling out
-- then I'll definitely look like Dr Lecter. :)


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