Sunday, January 21, 2007

More NZ photos

We spent a few days in NZ visiting relatives on the west
coast of the North Island. The first photo below is a view
of the hills on the approach road to Kawhia (pronounced as
calfia), where we stayed. The next two pics are of the
idyllic garden and sea view from one of the houses in
Kawhia -- a gardener's paradise, full of citrus trees.
Across the bay from Kawhia is Hauturu, where the Cavers
family first settled back in 1906.

Next up is a photo of the Cavers family (part of it), who
emigrated from Scotland to become farmers in NZ. My wife's
great grandmother, Elizabeth, is sitting under the window
in this photo. The next pic is the house they built, which
we went to see. They bought 100 acres of land for £1 an
acre -- I don't know where they got so much money from, as
Mr Cavers was a policeman before he emigrated. The family
cleared the land of most of the bush, bought livestock and
subsequently built a second home nearby. It must have been
a struggle for them in the early years, just to feed so
many people. The boys had to walk 6 miles barefoot to get
to the local school.

I've included a couple of pics of Mrs C and myself for you
to see -- I look as if I own the place, don't you think? I
forgot to breathe in for this photo, to make myself look


Blogger angel said...

oh wow- it truly is a beautiful place innit!

5:48 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Yes, it is Angel. Parts of NZ remind me of the wilder parts of Wales and Scotland, other parts, the French Riviera. It must have felt like Paradise for a lot of the early settlers, though tremendously hard work to get started. Mrs. C's grandparents went out twice to NZ, but gave up eventually as Grandad became homesick for Scarborough -- yes, Scarborough in the UK.

7:57 AM  

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