Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy to be bloggin' again

Hey, I reckon I've got a lot of catching up to do with all
you folks. You might be wondering what I've been up to in
the last week or two since we got back to the UK. First of
all we've had a house full of family and their friends - a
huge family reunion to make up for our absence at Xmas. It
was really lovely to see everyone again, but a lot of work
for Mrs C and myself - like running a hotel with all meals
provided for our guests, with very few staff.

My little den (which has unlimited computer access) was turned
into a Sick Bay for one of our nieces, who had a bad dose of
flu-like symptoms, a streaming cold and a bad cough. I'm
pleased to say she's made an excellent recovery and went back
home to London today.

So I've got my den back again .....(I had to make do with
sharing a bed with Mrs C for the past few weeks - with a couple
of anti-snoring devices attached my nose & mouth, which are not
very erotic to wear. Imagine this scenario ... "Oh, Darling,"
she murmured with an alluring voice to James, cuddling up to
him in bed, "I do love those cute, spiky things you're wearing
... I'm feeling really turned on by them. Do you feel the same?"
..... "Er... No!", said James, after plucking out his mouth
guard to reply to her.)

I've sorted through loads of holiday photos, and have reduced
them down to 3 CD-Roms .. however I feel somewhat daunted
about picking out just a few to show you, as I've got so many.
I've also been busy with Nottm U3A stuff, updating the website
with a lot of info from the latest U3A newsletter, and
preparing talks with Powerpoint presentations - I've given a
couple this week (one on Photoshop & the other on our audio-
visual equipment).
I've spent a morning with a couple of mates, playing Golden
Oldies on our electric guitars, and having a pub lunch with
them afterwards -- the TV comedy series, "Last of the Summer
Wine", springs to my mind.
Our second daughter, L., has come to stay with us for the next
couple of months -- she's due to have a Caesearean Section in
the next couple of weeks, as the placenta is very low-lying.
Her partner is working abroad at present, but plans to get
back for the birth.
A couple of good things about having a CS -- having a painless
birth and knowing exactly when it will be. If I were a woman,
I'd go for an epidural/general anaesthetic every time ... just
imagine having several teeth being pulled out without a local
anaesthetic, and having to put up with the agonising pain
going on and on for hours and hours.
If men gave birth to babies, I'm sure that CS births would be
the norm. How else could men fit in all their committee
meetings and business lunches, and having a round of golf with
their chums? Can you imagine a bloke putting up with pain for
hours on end? "Nurse! Get me the morphine, now!"

I had a go at uploading a few photos, but Blogger wouldn't let
me .. so I'll have another go tomorrow.


Blogger angel said...

sheesh- a house ful AFTER christmas! so did you disinfect your den after they all left?
best of luck to your dd for her cs... imho... a cs may be painless- but a natural birth is a LOT faster to recover from than a cs!
i look forward to pictues!

8:16 PM  

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