Friday, November 24, 2006

I want for Xmas the gift of the gab

Hi folks,
I'm spending a few days at my daughter's house in London,
while Mrs C is attending an intensive course in hypno-birthing
in Wimbledon (at a venue round the corner from here).
Hypno-birthing looks fascinating -- it's all about reducing
the amount of pain a woman experiences in labour, and allowing
her to have a more relaxing/less stressful time. Here is the
website of one of the course's trainers.

Meanwhile I'm doing some DIY (otherwise known as DYI
yourself in) for my daughter. Yesterday I painted a large
ceiling and today I'm going to sand down the rails, skirtings
and a cupboard, in preparation for painting. The ceiling is a
matt brilliant white Dulux emulsion and the walls, etc, are in
Fired Earth paints ... two shades of a very light grey/green...
looks very nice so far. The room is south-facing, so it gets
a lot of light.

I've been listening to a lot of Radio 2 while painting (I usually
listen to either Classic FM or Radio 4)... so I've been listening to
a lot of the golden oldies, and the voices of DJs like Tery Wogan
and Steve Wright. I wonder how on earth does Terry sound so
cheerful and chatty at that time in the morning (7.30am onwards).
Does he drink five mugs of strong coffee before he comes on the
air? Well he is a very charming and funny bloke, with the gift
of the gab.

So if a Fairy Godmother pops in to see me this Xmas, and can wave
her magic wand for me, I'll ask her to grant me some of that gift
of the gab. Not too much, or Mrs C will die of shock.


Blogger steve said...

the gift of the gab is ok if there is something interesting to say,my boss the sales director has the gift of the gab,
but its mostly verbal diareha
(I know I could never spell that)

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Katt said...

Hey Justin! I'm back in blog world.

Just been catching up a bit... that cut sounded really nasty.

Oh, and when you are done doing yourself in (love that), would you like to come and paint our deck for us? ;-)

2:57 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Steve: Over the years I've known a few relatives with the gift of the gab ... either talking to me face-to-face or non-stop on the phone ... for 30-60 minutes at a time, often repeating "news" I've heard many times already. It can be a very boring if you're on the receiving end ... as you say, it's verbal diarrhoea.
Katt: the cut on my little finger hasn't healed up properly yet -- the wound opened up slightly after Mrs C and I took out the stitches (this was 2 weeks after the injury), so it's still sore and a bit of a nuisance ... I won't be able to play guitar with my chums this week. Oh dear! Quel domage.
I've come back home for a rest after all my hard work house-painting -- so I don't feel the urge to rush over and paint your deck. Sorry, Katt.

11:27 PM  

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