Sunday, October 01, 2006

veggie heaven

Mrs C and I revisited a veggie restaurant in Hockley a couple
of days ago, and were amazed by the quality and inventiveness
of the food there. We’ve never tasted anything so good for a
long time.

Well when I say revisited, that’s not true really, as the last
time we went there it was known as “Salamander”, and I presume
it had different staff then. It’s now known as “Squeek”, and
it’s on Heathcote Street in the centre of Nottingham.

The food was out of this world. For the starter, I had a
delicious feta cheese salad, and for the main course, a crepe
with wild mushrooms and a light white wine sauce, served with
Dauphinoise potatoes, Delia Smith-style red cabbage, a green
salad (with a lovely vinaigrette on it) and I think a little
couscous as well. Fabulous. Mrs C had an exotic vegetable
terrine, which looked like a soufflé with a dark (?) oatflake
crumble on top … the soufflé had a hint of nutmeg in it … very
nice but rather rich. We were too full to try the desserts.

A couple of minor disappointments … we were given a small
starter of houmous and pitta bread, but the houmous was too
oily for my taste (I would have added more lemon juice and
tahini, if I’d made it) … and Mrs C’s decaff coffee was too

We had a good bottle of wine - Robertson’s Chenin Blanc,
which was very dry for this type of wine. The staff were very
friendly and attentive. So all in all, we had a great meal
out, and we’ll be going there again.


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oooh... you're making me hungry! it sounds delicious!

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