Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Listening skills

I heard an interesting story on Saturday Morning Live last
weekend. A middle-aged bloke was interviewed about on the
subject of important advice to pass on to other people. He
told a true story about his 6 year old daughter trying to get
his attention one morning, while he was reading a newspaper
at the breakfast table. I'll embroider the story for dramatic
Abi: "Da..ad?"
(Long pause)
Dad: "Ummm?", hidden from view by his newspaper.
Abi: "Dad?"
(Another long pause)
Dad: "Yes, my dear?"
Abi: "Dad! You're not listening to me!"
(Long pause again)
Dad, clearing his throat mid-sentence: "Yes,....... I'm
listening", slightly rustling his newspaper and feeling a bit
irritated by all this.
Abi stamps her foot on the floor: "Dad, you're not listening
to me! I want you to listen to me with your eyes!"
(My dad was just like this - he resented being interrupted while
reading his newspaper in the morning. He could be grumpy at the
best of times.)


Anonymous Katt said...

A very astute little girl! And very wise too.

PS: Consider yourself tagged! You will have to visit The Katt Box to find out more.

10:27 AM  

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