Monday, October 09, 2006

family get-together

As you'd expect, we had a big family get-together over the
weekend - to celebrate the arrival of our granddaughter,
little Ava. Her mum was let out of hospital on Saturday
afternoon, which was remarkably early considering she'd had
a CS last Wednesday. She was very pleased to be back in her
own home ... for the usual home comforts and home-cooked
food. The hospital food wasn't very nice, as usual -- I
suspect it's a ploy to encourage patients to get home asap
-- the smell of cooked food in hospital corridors is off-
putting -- a sort of overcooked cabbage with melted cheese
smell, common to most hospitals I've been in...yuck.
Anyway, both mum and Ava are very well. I've posted abother
photo of Ava, which you'll see below.
None of us went to Nottingham's Goose Fair this year (as we
were socialising instead), so I haven't got any new photos
of it to post. As I drove by this afternoon, the Goose Fair
site was half empty, as the show was over. Oh well, next year
we might be taking Ava with us.
We watched the second episode of "Jane Eyre" on BBC1 last night
-- it's the best dramatisation of it we've seen so far, with
excellent acting from everyone, especially from Ruth Wallis
who plays Jane. Our only criticism of it is the portrayal of
Rochester as a handsome and fairly pleasant character -- he's
said not to be so in the book. I see in the Radio Times, that
the BBC are bringing out a DVD version of it, in February --
something worth getting I think, like the Colin Firth version
of "Pride and Prejudice", which I enjoyed more than the more
recent film with Keira Knightley in it.


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