Tuesday, October 17, 2006

do you like body hair?

Well, lads and lasses, do you like body hair? I've got lots
of the stuff, like Sean Connery. What I've lost on top, I've
made up for elsewhere ... I can almost hear some of you
saying, "Oh God, spare me the details!" Why is it that body
hair has gone out of fashion, and that male models and celebs
feel the need to have it ripped off in beauty parlours?
When did you last see a bloke/a film star with a hairy chest?

And what about under-arm hair in men & women? Do you like to
see a thatch of hair growing there? I keep mine short just
for practical reasons -- I don't like puttting a roll-on
deodorant on, on top a thick mat of hair. I remember many
years ago a friend of mine spraying his hairy armpits with
Gillette's Right Guard. "Instant bath!", he said (bath
pronounced as barth, as he was from down South).


Anonymous Katt said...

Hm... you are in the same situation as my significant other, losing it on top but more than furry everywhere else.

Here's a story that might make you giggle: He was sitting on the couch one day next to his toddler niece. She was stroking his hairy leg and said "Ooooh, the doggie."

Do I like body hair? I didn't actually until I got involved with Flyboy. Now it doesn't bother me... except maybe the "seaweed" in the soap. :-)

PS: Really enjoying your blog, glad you found me and then I found you.

1:01 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Katt, for your kind words -
it feels great to be appreciated. Now to rephrase that, to own the feeling ... I feel great when I'm complimented.
Yep, I agree with you - seaweed is a problem, so I now usually use liquid soap (my favourite shampoo diluted).

10:31 PM  
Blogger angel said...

i like to shave it all off- if i could afford it i'd invest in some snazzy wigs and shave my head too!!
and i must be honest, i like a smooth chest on a man...

9:48 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Angel: I like a close shave too, in fact I do shave off a few strands of hair from the top of my head, to avoid them blowing around in the wind (looks better too). One problem I find is the sharp/rough stubble when the hair starts to grow back. I've occasionally thought about a hairpiece myself, or a Jimi Hendrix-stle wig for parties, but I think they do look odd on a bloke - wigs do look like wigs.

6:23 AM  

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