Monday, October 30, 2006

Ava and The History Boys

What have I been up to in the last week? Well, I've been to
various meetings with the charity I work for, and have been
doing loads of computer work (the computer version of
paperwork plus website stuff) associated with it.
Add on to that, a lot of socialising with family members -
everyone is flocking up/down to Nottingham to see Little
Ava. It's lovely to see them all.
Today, Mrs C and I went over to see Little A and her mum,
our third or fourth visit in the last week -- so I just had
get my camera out and take 30 more photos of Ava. Here's the
best one, I think ....

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you this -- we went to see that
fabulous film The History Boys. People say that the theatre
version was even better, and that the film producers altered
the plot a little, to make it more suitable for a young
audience. How I hated school exams -- and yet I chose to
carry on taking exams for another six years at Uni - I just
had to carry on regardless. The film brought it all back to
me - I was put in for the Oxford Uni entrance exams (after
getting mediocre "A" level results), so I spent three years
"in the 6th form", taking yet more exams. I didn't get into
Oxford, but I managed to improve my "A" level grades, and got
into Leeds Medical School the following year. Lots of hard
work, as I never had a photographic memory or an instant
grasp of concepts. No wonder I had exam dreams/nightmares
for 20 years or so after leaving Med School .... more about
that in another blog. Do you dream about exams?


Anonymous Katt said...

I have a confession to make. I am not one of those girls who go gaga over babies. But this little lady is really gorgeous.

As for dreaming about exams... I don't think I dreamt about them because I generally couldn't sleep the night before an exam, especially if it was my great Nemesis, Chemistry I. At the moment I am dreaming about my novel I am attempting to write for the NaNoWriMo challenge.

7:40 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Katt, I think Ava's really cute, too.
As for dreaming about exams, I used to get nightmarish ones, often turning up at an exam knowing I've done bugger all in terms of revision for it, or turning up with only a pencil to write with, or in my pyjamas. Thank God, they've been very infrequent in the last few years.

11:33 PM  
Blogger riviera writer said...

Thrilled to hear that - I've had exam nightmares all my life (ie for centuries) They're my stress dream - can't find the exam venue, can't get a bus or taxi, mixed up the date, wrong town, know nothing about he subject - and yes, no revision and inadequately clad.
The site looks great - do you hire out your services?

9:44 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Ted -- it's good to hear that I'm not the only one to have had these nightmares -- I suppose it could have been a sign of how much job stress I was under, as since retirement I've been feeling tons better, the nightmares have been less frequent and my only (infrequent) stress is if we're dashing to catch a plane --- Oh, the life of the idle nearly-rich.

Thanks for your compliments about my site, Ted. I'm an amateur at all this, and lack the know-how of people like Cliff. So, I don't "hire out my services", but you or Cliff are very welcome to copy my layout and adapt it as you wish.

1:39 PM  

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