Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

Would you vote for an independent candidate at the next
General Election – someone who was plain-speaking, honest,
and sincere, someone with lots of vitality? Well, if Ros
Pritchard were standing for election right now (and if her
policies were left of centre, as mine are), she would get my

I’m referring to the new 6 part drama, that was on BBC1 a
few nights ago. Did you see it?

I had to suspend my disbelief about various aspects of the
plot -- the Purple Party was presented to us with no policies
whatsoever, and interviewers like John Humphrys did not give
her a grilling over that ... also her employer gave her £10
million towards her new party funds, at the drop of a hat (??),
but, overall, I thought the drama was brilliant.

It was lovely to see the fabulous actresses Jane Horrocks,
Jodhi May and Janet McTeer all back on our screens again. I’ve
missed seeing Janet in particular (I’ll have to put her name
into Google sometime to see what she’s been doing all these

Perhaps we need someone like Ros as Prime Minister next time,
as I don’t think any of the potential candidates – Gordon
Brown, David Cameron and Ming Campbell – are suitable. However,
if I were to choose someone for personality rather than
policies, it would be David.

Tony Blair has it .. and so does Bill Clinton ... charisma,
intelligence, brilliant speaking ability ... excellent
leadership qualilties, and sex appeal too.

So who would you choose for the next P.M. out of the present
bunch of M.Ps.?

P.S. I've reposted this to edit it and to moderate the
comments - Angel: thanks for your comment -- you're excused. :)


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