Saturday, September 30, 2006

crime drama

Have you noticed how much crime drama there is on TV at
present? It's just as well as we're addicted to the stuff.
At present, we catching up on the episodes we've recently
recorded (mainly to cut out the adverts on commercial TV),
so yesterday for example we watched the first episode of
"Wire in the Blood" and one of "Criminal Minds" - both
excellent... and the day before, we watched an episode of
"Rebus" ... I love Ken Stott's acting and the character
he plays. We're also watching a fairly new drama called
"NCIS", which has some quirky characters in it (including
one who looks like a younger version of Dan Ackroyd).
Mrs C also watches "Midsomer Murders" ... given the
continual high death rate in Midsomer, I think the life
insurance companies will have blacklisted anyone living
there ... and she also likes watching "Without a Trace".

We've given up on "Afterlife" ... we watched an episode
featuring a character called Mr Rat, and thought the
plot was silly. We liked the forensic medicine series,
"Silent Witness", but I thought some of the doctors were
too pro-active in sorting out "who dunnit" ... is it true
that in real life, UK doctors are behaving more like
Patricia Cornwell's Dr Kay Scarpetta, in sorting out
We're also fond of watching James Nesbitt in the gritty
TV dramas he acts in, and Helen Mirren in "Prime Suspect",
which is about to be shown for the last time on our screens
soon. There are several websites all about Dame Helen -
here's one of them if you'd like to see her biography.


Blogger Kitty said...

haha I love crime dramas. My daughter is called Mirren Tennison - although she was called that before Helen Mirren ever played DCI Jane Tennison. But I think it is quite cool nonetheless.

Do you watch Spooks? Or does that not qualify as crime?

4:42 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Kitty - we did watch the first series of "Spooks", but then we lost interest... just as we lost interest half way through the second series of "24".
We never got started on "Sopranos" ... we got stuck on a Radio Times crossword clue for several days last week ... in fact it was the last clue for us to work out ... something along the lines of "singer gets TV award for mafia head" ... the answer was Tony Soprano!

6:02 AM  
Blogger angel said...

hi justin- thanx for popping round my place!
i LOVE "ncis", season three ended recently and i can't wait for the next one! loved the "prime suspect" series. i liked what i saw of "sopranos" and i also enjoy the "law and order" series.
i liked "24" too, but i only saw one of them- i think it was the first season...

9:01 PM  
Blogger justin said...

Hi Angel - thanks for dropping in on me. I'm amazed that we're all watching the same TV series in different countries ... though a lot of the good stuff is from the US.

11:19 PM  

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