Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the aristocrats

A few more photos of Chatsworth for you including the
stunningly beautiful entrance hall, a gorgeous dinner service,
and a cute picture of mum playing with her daughter (two
Georgianas). I've just looked up these two on the family tree
- you will see them in the middle, so this portrait will have
been done in about 1876. If you look at the tree between the
fourth and nineth dukes, you will see a lot of intermarriage.
Over the years I've seen a lot of portraits of aristocratic
women who all looked very similar to Queen Anne - probably as
they all related to one another.
The aristos were lucky that the French Revolution of 1792
didn't spread to the UK, as conditions for the poorest in our
society were dire. I sometimes wonder why it didn't.
P.S. I've just noticed that one of the girl's shoes is missing.


Blogger steve said...

very nice pictures Justin, I have never been there. I should make the effort it is only an hour away.

7:49 AM  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Steve.
If you fancy a look round the
house, then it's a good idea to prebook the tickets (as it's a 20 minute wait for tickets at the entrance, otherwise).

6:37 AM  

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