Thursday, August 31, 2006

Divi at the Co-op

Does anyone remember getting the old Divi
(dividend) stamps at the Co-op? I remember
getting these for having milk delivered by
the Co-op to our doorstep, and for food
and furniture bought at Co-op stores. For
our first house, Mrs C and I bought a double
bed from the Co-op (with money given to us as
a wedding present from my dad and mum). The
Co-op gave us reams of little blue stamps to
stick in our divi books.
The stamps have since gone, replaced by a piece
of plastic, like the Tesco Clubpoints card,
and we now buy our milk in plastic cartons
from the supermarket, like most people.

I recall an ancient TV comedy series (around
the time of Hancock's Half Hour), during one
episode of which an old woman loudly proclaimed,
"I want to go with the Co-op. I want to go
with the Co-op. I want me divi."
Another funny story (well it was funny at the
time, in the early 80s)-- I was having a cup of
tea with a couple of the local midwives, one
of whom was filling in some paperwork for a
woman she'd seen, when one of them said, "Well
I never! ... I've just realised that all years
years I've been writing my Co-op Divi number
number on the maternity cards." (instead of her
proper job number).

Well, what's triggered these recollections is
some post I've just received from the Co-op.
Not only a new cheerful bright yellow divi card,
but some really exciting offers from the Co-op
Funeral Service. For example, there's £50 off the
Co-op's funeral plan, if you book your plan now
(with an option of paying in full or over a 3
year period). The advert goes on to say that this
would be inflation-proofed, and that the plan
would also give you peace of mind (and peace of
mind for your relatives too).
What a brilliant idea. I could regard the £50 saved
as my divi, and go out and spend it.
(Better still, spend the £3,000 on a nice holiday


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