Friday, June 23, 2006

new banner and Broadband charges

Some of you may have noticed a slight change in my
banner photo. The last one looked fuzzy on my new
19" monitor, and when I checked its pixel content,
I was surprised to find it was only about 13KB. The
new one is 27KB, which was the largest size I could
get from a 126KB photo. I couldn't remember which
font I used on the last banner, but I think this one,
Lucida Sans, looks good.

Over several months, I've been badgering NTL to give
me a discount on its 1MB Broadband service. The
standard rate is about £18 a month. I got them down
to about £16 a month, but currently they've offered
me £9.99 for the next 6 months. I've had a few bills
with the old higher rate on, but I've phoned them
from time to time to correct that.

I'm thinking about going for a cheaper Broadband +
phone service from Carphone Warehouse, but I've
recently set up a wi-fi system linked to the NTL modem,
for a wireless link to Mrs C's laptop, using a
Linksys Wireless Router (WRT54G). My old computer
(pre-Pentium running Win 98) had to have an ethernet
connection put in, to link it up to the new router.
We have an ancient BT connection to our house to one
point downstairs in the kitchen, so I reckon we'd
need a telephone engineer to rewire our house, to
get a BT phone connection upstairs to the top floor
study. So I've got a few technical queries to get
advice on, before we proceed wiring? new
router? new computer tower?. Do we have to switch
over to BT Broadband for a year or so, so we can get
BT to sort out the wiring, before we could switch
over to CW?
The lad I spoke to in Nottm Carphone Warehouse some
time ago knew all about tariffs for various Talk
Talk packages, but had little technical knowledge.
He said that CW would simply post a new modem to us,
for us to set up ourselves.
So if you have gone ahead and set up the new broadband
service from CW, I'd be very interested to hear from
you. If there is a users' forum, I'd like to have its
URL, please.


Blogger steve said...

sorry Justin you lost me after 1st paragraph
just do it

8:09 pm  
Anonymous edt said...

Well done on the improved banner resolution.

Re:your Broadband configuration, a passing observation is that often the combined modem/routers dished out with BB packages in NZ are CRAP to be perfectly francis with you. Two names that are HIGHLY rated here are US Robotics and Linksys, so thats one bit I'd keep.

Is your current NTL modem/Linskys router on that downstairs telephone jack?
Where in the house is your win98 desktop?
Is there a computer in the upstairs study at this time?
Could you run a long ethernet cable from the upstairs study to the downstairs router?

Am currently going through this issue here, with dial-up and an old but reliable win98se PC that needs upgrading. The Govt here has just unbundled the local loop, as happened to BT some years ago, so we are all avidly awaiting lower broadband pricing/higher speeds, difficult that is in a MUCH smaller market.

You might find this forum discussion on Carphone Wharehouse's pricing offer interesting, and this Linksys WRT54G link might lead to home networking ideas.

Good Luck.

2:23 am  
Blogger steve said...

thinking about it we have a DLINK router upstairs that connects to the modem and main computer this gives us access to the laptop downstairs and that is wireless connected and I think we could run NASA off this thing we have here as it is one second son built,
I think something like the dogs bollocks

8:44 pm  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, Steve and EDT (especially to EDT for the research and time you've put in, in replying).

My old computer, NTL modem and new wireless router live in our second floor small bedroom at the rear of the house. The nearest BT phone point is in the first floor kitchen at the front of the house.

I went into Carphone W. yesterday and had a chat with a woman there, who suggested I contact BT re reconnection and getting wired up with BBand with them, before switching over to CW. She pointed out that there's slight possibility that CW may not be able to take us on (depends which telephone exchange we're linked to, that CW is refurbishing). So I need to find out from neighbours if any have applied for CW BBand.
The PC Advisor forum that EDT has given a link to, looks very useful, and Wikipedia too (I never thought of looking there!).

4:39 am  

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