Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back from hols

Hi everyone. I'm back from a glorious week's
break on the Norfolk coast. We had fab sunny
weather, though the wind off the sea was
"bracing" earlier in the week. We went on
longish walks most days, around the coast and
around three National Trust properties... and
the holiday complex we stayed at had a good
swimming pool.
We took some good photos. Unfortunately I didn't
take my camera battery charger - I thought two
charged Canon lithium batteries would be ample,
but I used them up by last Monday! Luckily,
Mrs C took her Canon A520 which was very handy.
One of my Canon batteries lasted me our entire
holiday in Mallorca.

While on holiday, I read through a couple of
excellent photography books by Bryan Peterson
... "Understanding Exposure" and "Learning to
See Creatively" (bought from Amazon recently).
I can now understand why my previous digital
camera, the Olympus C5060 which had a wide-
angle lens, was brilliant in terms of getting
a good depth of focus. I'll post a few holiday
photos this coming week.
Great to be back to home comforts, and blogging. :)


Anonymous edt said...

Cold temps have a nasty habit of draining batteries fast, maybe that bracing wind while walking contributed to it? Have read of this spec sheet in the 'battery life' section, a marked fall off of shots per charge at lower temps ?. Looking forward to your pics. Regards from wintery NZ.

12:09 am  
Blogger justin said...

Thanks, EDT, I didn't know that.
I think with hindsight that neither battery was fully charged when I set off on holiday. I charged up my reserve battery possibly 2-3 weeks beforehand, and its charge must have reduced by itself with time. I'm taking my battery charger wherever I go, in future.

7:28 am  

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