Sunday, March 19, 2006

More about myself

I’ve just been reading Gordon Mclean's latest
blog, entitled “The Book Title Meme”. This
meme was started by Clare Sudbery , and the
general theme is to match an aspect of your
life to a book title.

I'm a Libra, like Gordon, and in the past I
liked to think that I was a diplomat and a
peace-maker, when it came to sorting out
arguments (involving myself or others) ...
seeing another person's point of view, and
suggesting ways forward to resolve a problem.
Basically, I was scared of physical violence
(and still am), so I was always keen to find
a peaceful solution/compromise rather than
confront someone.

I tend to be indecisive ... a tendency to sit
on the fence, which is said to be a Libra
characteristic. I tend not to express what I'm
I’m thinking or feeling, so as to avoid a
confrontation. However, I've been on assertion
training and transactional analysis courses in
the past, which have helped somewhat.

One bad characteristic I have (which annoys
others), is to talk about something in a
circular fashion, initially to promote an
idea, but then curiously to negate it. So for
instance I would suggest to Mrs C a possible
outing somewhere, and then go on to suggest
alternatives or possible reasons for staying
at home (eg too damned cold to go out).
Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
Mrs C often tells me to simply say what I’d
like to do. How clear and simple. Women are
marvellous ... well, Mrs C most definitely is.


Blogger Mary said...

See, one of the great strengths of Librans is that they see both sides of everything. After all, their emblem is a pair of scales. And they have a horror of being prejudiced or unfair. No-one can play devil's advocate better than your sign, and it sounds as if you are doing this in your conversations with Mrs C.

I wouldn't say this trait was bad in moderation. Maybe, though, just pretend to be an Aries once in a while and, as your wife says, just say exactly what you want to do !!...:-)

8:54 pm  
Blogger whatalotoffun said...

Im a saggitaurus - the best of people. I always get to the point very straight forward person if i want to say something i say it with out coming around corners (got me in alot of trouble before) thats just how I am.

9:40 am  
Blogger justin said...

Mary and W.- thanks very much for your comments. Keep it simple and be honest are a good mottos.

6:01 pm  

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