Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Changing layout

You'll see that I've been experimenting with
the layout of this site yet again. I hope
you will like the photo I've chosen for the
banner. I took it on the mountainside above
Mayrhofen in Austria, last August. Mrs C and
I had gone most of the way up on the ski-lift.
We were having a coffee at a little cafe at
the summit, when a group walkers stopped
briefly to admire the view - an ideal moment
for a snapshot, which I took with my previous
camera - the Olympus C-5060.


Blogger andrea said...

Great photo, Justin. Perefect for the horizontal format. But I don't see anyone with a pint in his/her hand...? :)

7:56 pm  
Anonymous edt said...

Great choice of photo for you banner. I see your getting good results with the Canon 350D ref:flower pics. Keep up the good work. Regards from New Zealand.

10:51 pm  
Blogger justin said...

Andrea & edt - thanks for your helpful comments.

10:57 pm  

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